~~ Fun in the Kenai~~

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The Kenai Peninsula offers a variety of activities in, on, and around the waters of Cook Inlet.
Our first stop was at Whittier. You can drive there, but you have to go through a very long and dark
tunnel. We were surprised and happy to see that snow still lay in patches here and there when we got to the other side.


What a beautiful place to kayak.


We named this "Mystery Island".


The only way out of town is through this tunnel which is a couple of miles long, right through the mountain.



Our next stop was Seward. We visited the wonderful Alaska Sea Life Center, and went on a cruise with
Kenai Fjords Tours -- where we saw sea otters, sea lions, many flavors of birds, Dall porpoise, and humpback
whales -- and ate a delicious meal on Fox Island.


She prepares to dive deep......

... and there's her flukes.........




Sailboat in Resurrection Bay.


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Created 07 June 2011. Copyright 2011. All photos taken by Rick and Sue Evans.