~~ SEWARD ~~


Seward is one of the earliest non-native settlements in Alaska. It sits
at the southeast tip of the Kenai Peninsula, about 125 miles south of Anchorage.
It is home to the Alaska Sea Life Center, where visitors can see
living examples of marine life found in the region.

While in Seward we took a five-hour cruise on a ship operated
by Kenai Fjords Tours. We saw a myriad of seabirds including
cormorants, puffins and gulls; Stellar sea lions; otters, and orcas.


Seward Small Boat Harbor


Resurrection Bay


Stellar sea lions lounge at water's edge


Who's driving this boat? Be afraid, be very afraid.


Octopus at the Sea Life Center


A charming Seward cottage, with nasturiums rampant.


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