~~ Fairbanks ~~


After visiting Chicken, we traveled back to Tok, then northwest to Fairbanks.
While there, we visited the Museum of the North at the University of Alaska at Fairbanks;
Creamer's Field, a wildlife refuge; LeRoy Zimmerman's PhotoSymphony in Ester;
and perhaps the best of all .... we were treated to the aurora borealis!


The Lights dance as the sun's energy strokes Earth's magnetic field
More of our aurora photos


Summer's beauty as seen at University of Alaska's Botanical Gardens


Close up of pansies at the botanical gardens



A long view of Creamer's Dairy, with geese and ducks in the foreground



Sandhill cranes paint the sky with grace



Sandhill cranes and Canada geese take a layover in fertile fields


The night of August 27th brought not only aurorae, but also a total lunar eclipse.
Here the full moon awaits Earth's shadow.


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