~~ Alaska 2012~~


Once more we indulged our taste for winter by journeying up to Alaska in
March of 2012. Our goals were to see the start of the Iditarod, visit the
Fur Rondy in Anchorage, spend a couple of days/nights at Chena Hot
Springs, visit with friends in Fairbanks... and of course, catch
the aurora! As you will see, we were moderately successful in all of these.


(Above) The view from Flattop Mountain just outside of Anchorage. The winter of 2011-2012
brought a record amount of snowfall to the area.


(Above) Sunset at Cook Inlet, Earthquake Park, Anchorage.


(Above) Faint aurora over Cook Inlet. Unfortunately the only clear night we had in Anchorage came
with minimal solar activity, despite three X class flares during our trip!



(Above) Anchorage skyline at night, from Earthquake Park.


(Above) Starting line at the Iditarod.


(Above) Not everyone got to participate in the race. These guys (gals?) whined and cried to come out.


(Above) Dee Dee Jonrowe's sled and mom.



(Above) The only aurora photo we captured while at Chena Hot Springs.


(Above) Ice sculpture, Ice Alaska 2012.


(Above) Ice sculpture, Ice Alaska 2012.


(Above) Wintery scene on the Parks Hwy., heading south back to Anchorage, and then to home.
We were very happy to have enjoyed a week of subfreezing temperatures. On our return home,
we walked out of the airport to find 80F temps... in March.


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